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There's nothing more relaxing after a long day of camping than roasting hot dogs over the fire.  There's always been a downside though... it was impossible to cook food evenly with the old-fashioned hot dog sticks that your parents used to use! The front side was always a blackened mess and the back was not even warm.  You can try to mask this with copious amounts of ketchup, but there's no way around it- burnt hot dogs suck!

The Frank Crank is the answer to this problem and hot dogs are just the tip of the iceberg!  It's patented design allows you to rotate your food so it cooks perfectly even all-around.  Once you make a s’more with The Frank Crank you will never go back to the dark ages of a whittled-down stick again!

The Frank Crank is built to last with an all stainless steel/brass design, strong welds, and hardwood handle.  It'll be the last campfire cooker that you'll ever buy.  Each Frank Crank is made in Leechburg, Pennsylvania by Schultz Precision Tooling, and the brainchild from years of family camping trips. 


So, if you're ready to take your favorite campfire cuisine to the next level,  just take a seat by the fire with your trusty Frank Crank!  You can give the smoky taste of a campfire to almost anything, with cuisine possibilities as endless as your imagination!

The Frank Crank is a whole new spin on campfire cooking! 

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"I love this Frank Crank. I had purchased 4 prior to this order and decided to buy 2 for my son who is getting married... Just a wonderful gift for 2 people who love to camp and will never guess what this is. And this will go with all the other camping gifts I purchased for them. What a great functional tool and a good conversation piece."


-Richard T.

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